I’m Lauren Passell and I’m podcast-obsessed. I am the founder of Tink Media, a podcast marketing and PR company that has helped shows like Dani Shapiro’s Family Secrets, American Hysteria, Our Body Politic, PEOPLE magazine’s PEOPLE Every Day, and more.

Each issue of Podcast The Newsletter includes a HUGE list of my recommendations, a little note from my heart, and an interview with someone I’m obsessed with in the podcast community–someone I think you should be obsessed with, too.

xoxo lauren

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Founder Tink Media, curator of Podcast The Newsletter & Podcast Marketing Magic.
Wil {they/them} @ Tink Media! Podcast critic turned podcast every-hat-wearer. Has written for Polygon, Vulture, and The Takeout; has appeared on KQED's Forum, WAMU's 1A, Slate's ICYMI; has cried listening to Wolf 359's "Memoria" at least five times.