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Podcast The Newsletter
☎️ BONUS DROP: The POD-AT-ME Hotline!☎️

☎️ BONUS DROP: The POD-AT-ME Hotline!☎️

🍭 👂 You're in for a treat! 🌈 🤸‍♀️

👆👆👆 The Podcast Hotline 👆👆👆 (Click to listen!) 👆👆👆


I know we don’t usually release an issue of Podcast the Newsletter on Fridays, but we wanted to share with you a bonus podcast episode of Tink’s call-in hotline. Click the play button above to hear some of the calls we’ve been getting into the hotline, and pick a show or two to add to your weekend queue!

Transcript available at link.

Shows included:

☎️ Normal Gossip (recommended by Chelsey Weber-Smith of American Hysteria)

☎️ Seniority Authority

☎️ Multi-Passionate Mastery

☎️ Secretly Incredibly Fascinating

☎️ My Life in Three Songs

☎️ This episode of Sit There and Do Nothing (recommended by Zak Rosen of The Best-Advice Show)

☎️ This episode of Underunderstood and Games and Feelings (recommended by Heidi Vanderlee)

☎️ Greatness On Purpose

☎️ Sandip Roy's Dispatches from Kolkata

☎️ How I Got Greenlit

Now it’s your turn! Call 1-844-POD-AT-ME (1-844-763-2863) and leave a recommendation of your show or another show. Tell a podcast you love them!

Have a great weekend!

Devin & Lauren

Podcast The Newsletter
Podcast The Newsletter
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